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Day 30 ~ Do you see what I see?

31 Jan

Theres a smile in the sky…do you see it?

Today, all day long, I made a cognitive effort to smile at every person I came into contact with.

Even the lady with the pursed mouth, folded arms, and short tone…yep, even her. (In fact, I figured she needed the smile more than anyone else I’d come into contact with all day..)

Smiling at her anyway, while speaking softly, and kindly seemed to loosen the drawstrings that sealed her lips shut.


She just needed a little love ANYWAY!
So, the smiles I passed out all day came back this evening when God smiled back…

Do you see it???

Isn’t it beautiful?!

Smiles are meant to be shared…

Gratitude for today, Day 30

1. Smiles. (They’re FREE–how do knock that?)

2. For the moments when God winks at you.

3. For those who remind me what it looks like to feel sour on the inside.

4. For teachers. Is there anyone more inspiring?

5. For smiles from up above…

Do you SEE it? Do you see the smile in the sky?

Count your blessings! What are you grateful for today?

(Here’s one to get you started..)



Day 29 ~ Are you with me?

30 Jan

It’s a daily thing; 5 a day, in pictures, in words, and in affirmation.

Are you with me?

Gratitude for today, Day 29

1. Children’s Birthday Parties–I love them! The excitement, the party games, the friendships, the laughter…the cake..

(I love cake.)

These mini-ragers bring back memories~

2. Kids jokes.

(It’s always good to have a spare kid joke in your back pocket.)

Why was 6 afraid of 7?


Cause 7, 8, 9!!

Get it?

7, 8, 9…

3. Every stitch of laundry is DONE.

I feel so accomplished..

4. “Tommy the Throwaway Dog“, By Laura Marlow — based on a true story. It was our bedtime story tonight, and one of Sprouts favorites.

Thank you Laura Marlow for this beautiful contribution to children’s literature.

5. Fuzzy socks, and Jammie’s still warm from the dryer.

Its only as difficult as you make it..and it’s your turn!

Are you with me?

What are you grateful for today?


Days 27 & 28 ~ The Versatile Blogger Award? Really?

29 Jan

Yes, as cheeky as it sounds, I’m grateful for gratitude! For the fresh and powerful perspective it brings, for the gentle way it opens my heart, for the magnetizing effect it has on the like-minded and like-hearted, and for the ever constant unfolding of blessings that I might otherwise and admittedly take for granted if I wasn’t so whole-heartedly determined to make it all mean something more, and feel gratitude for it all no matter what!

(Ah, the musings of a writer as the lights go on…)

Before I ramble on for even another sentence, I want to thank my friend, a teacher and fellow writer and blogger for the Versatile Blogger Award nomination. C.B. Wentworth, it was an honor and a JOY to see The Gratitude Garden receive the recognition and nomination after only 26 days (or 130 blessings).

Thank you for the gift, for the smile I have on my face as I type this, and for the light and insight you share in your own blog.


The Gratitude Garden

“This is probably the most positive blog out there! Each day there is something to be thankful for and this fantastic blogger lists her daily moments of gratitude. In turn, she encourages others to leave reasons to be thankful. I love the reminder to see my day through the lens of gratitude.”

The appreciation is mutual, and I’m grateful for your acknowledgement!

Visit the *beautiful and inspiring* blog of C.B. Wentworth HERE.

Also, winners are asked to “List something others don’t know about you”.


I was first published at age 12 in a book called, “The Write Stuff”. It was a compilation of poetry written by foster children.

The full story behind this is published in Debbie Dachingers #1 Best Seller “Dare to Dream; This Life Counts”, but still most people don’t know that about me.

I still have a copy of that book from my childhood, and still feel grateful to my social worker for the invitation to participate.

Lastly, I was also asked to nominate 7 other bloggers, and share their blogs with you.

Only 7!?!?

And the nominees are:

1. A Scrivnerburg 365

365 days of real life, JOY through the lens of a gratitude with a loving, humorous, homeschooling Mom who captured the most precious of moments on film. We’ve been counting blessings together since 2007…

Elli, thank you for all you share with me, and with the rest of the world. You are an inspiration!

2. Gratitude is the Hearts Memory

Lola Jean is honest, raw, loving, insightful, and wide open in this recount of gratitude through her hearts memory.

3. Off in the Ethers

An inspiring and poignant blog about the challenges of depression, choice, Love and life. Beautifully written:

“No matter what the darkness whispers, the light IS your truth.”

4. You’re a Writer! Inspiration and Support for New Writers

Excellent blog, thought provoking advice, and FUN to read whether you’re a “new writer” or a best selling author! I love writing, and sharing creative momentum is good for the writers soul.

5. …from the Bungalow

Blissfully Bald: Why my wife and I decided to shave our heads

Read this and you’ll see why it’s been nominated.

6. Life and Laughter

Got Writers Block? Need to laugh? This blog should take care of both those issues…
7. Simply Said

Lauren Scott, Poet

Uplifting, unparalleled talent.


Oh, and my blessings for the past two days? 5 a day…

Well, the 7 blogs above–I feel blessed by the magic these writers share, and feel grateful for the opportunity to highlight their talent.

8. For those who Pay It forward, and inspire others to do the same.

Today, donate an old coat to a homeless person–leave $10 in the pocket.

9. For fresh baked quiche and red grapes (yes, lunch is ready!)

10. For all who contribute to my life, engage my mind, touch my heart, and inspire creative flow…

Im so, so grateful.

What are you grateful for today?

Count your blessings….


Dear Nominees,

To accept your 7×7 Link Award:

  • Thank who nominated you and include a link
  • List something others don’t know about you
  • Choose seven links on your blog that you think are worthy
  • Nominate 7 bloggers who have not received the award and include links
  • Notify the bloggers you have nominated

Day 26 ~ For the contagious smile of a dog…

27 Jan

Yeah, it might be one of the worlds sweetest wonders. The smile of a dog is contagious, and beautiful, and genuine…and an absolute gift to the Spirit.

I had to share. Smiles are meant to be shared.

(See and catch smile below.)

Gratitude for Today, Day 26

1. For my fur-son. I simply adore him, and his fuzzy smile that stretches from one far corner of his muzzle to the other.

2. For ” #thankfulthursday ” on Twitter…blessing, after blessing, after blessing, in every size, color and lifestyle~very inspiring!

3. For new stationary. I love stationary, and send a lot of hand written notes…

Try sending a thank you note a day–
To anyone you’re grateful to or for, from your best friend to the lady at the post office who’s always kind and helpful.

You’ll love the way you feel, and those who receive your note will love the way you make them feel, too.

4. For articles that make me laugh out loud, like this one by Janene Mascarella: (Most Moms will appreciate this one.)

Read article here.

5. For for the snoring dog…

More smiles will come tomorrow.

Count your blessings.


Days 24 & 25 ~ Yesterday & Today

26 Jan

While they stand there complaining that there is no door to open, you get busy knockin’ the wall out…you’ve got a door to build.

Waste no time–you get to do this life, but once.

10 blessings, Yesterday’s and Today’s

1. California Soft Tacos for dinner–yum!

Whole wheat Tortillas, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, “cheese”, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh salsa with avocado slices..more please.

2. For my brother and friend, Rob Kaye.

He’s amazing, insightful, talented, adorable and rich with dimension, humor, brilliance and Love.

3. For my Grandma Phyllis–every now and then, she remembers us.

4. For the squirrel who picks the oranges off my tree…he leaves peels everywhere for me to clean up, but it’s worth it…he’s so cute.

5. For a very memorable fish burial…

She was a good fish.

6. For the new fish.

7. For the PLUTHORA of Baby Food Jars (Thank you Kimberly Reid, Cricket, and all those who collected these jars on behalf of inner city youth in Los Angeles–February 10th will CELEBRATE!!

Read about our day in Entertainment News Express: HERE.

8. For a January evening so beautiful I can open my doors and windows and enJoy the breeze..


9. For this blessings blog…

10. And for this big smile on my face–it appears, magically, every time I count my blessings.

Try it.

Count your blessings.


Day 23 ~ In pictures

24 Jan

Gratitude in pictures…





What are you grateful for today?

In words, in pictures, or in creative riddle…

Count your blessings.


Days 21 & 22 ~ Valuable Reminders to the Heart

23 Jan

It was a weekend rich with reflection, exploration and excavation…

Gratitude for Saturday, Day 21

For this weeks 5 valuable reminders to the Entrepreneurial Author:

1. Get it in writing, and get it approved by an industry expert ~ Every single time.

2. Get clear! Clarity saves energy, relationships, time, creative resources and money.

3. Never, ever sell yourself short, ever. (*No one can sell you short but *you*, so just don’t do it.)

4. You are the only ONE who can create what YOU came to create–it’s valuable, it’s perfect, and the world is waiting for it, so get a move on…

5. You were born to “co-create”; not “create for”.

Educate, collaborate, serve, contribute, give thanks, and repeat.

It’s moving through you, and happening for you.

It’s all a gift.

Gratitude for Sunday, Day 22

For this weeks valuable reminders to my human heart:

1. People are funny–not always “haha” funny, but funny nonetheless.

2. There is no such thing as failure if you at least try. All you have to do, is try.

And if you don’t try, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed–it just means you haven’t tried!

See how it all evens out?

3. There is no ONE WAY, and no secret map to riches or treasure…only your own way. Trust your heart, and follow IT!

(Oh, the places you’ll go.)

4. Take what you take, and leave what you leave.

If it tastes bad, spit it out, if it hurts, let it go, if it warms your heart and lifts your spirit, embrace it and give thanks.

It’s all for you and up to you…

5. **You are loved beyond measure, just the way you are, no matter what.

What are you grateful for today?