Day 2 ~ Beautiful Things Await You

3 Jan

It said, “Beautiful Things Await You”I knew instantly that it wasn’t a message meant only for me…

Sometimes, it’s the little things, and today was rich was sweet snippets, delicious surprises, and reasons to laugh at myself…here, are just 5 of today’s simple blessings.


I am grateful~

1. For new friends who feel like long lost friends ~ the familiarity of a fresh soul, is an intriguing gift.

2. I got mail!

From friends, to family, to colleagues, I send a lot of  “Thank You” notes–today, the Love came back to me.

The note read:

Dear Elle,

Thank you so much for you kind “Thank You” note.   It couldn’t have come on a more perfect day, at a more perfect time…

Love, *Kim

A “Thank You” note for my “Thank You” note?!  Is it really that EASY to touch the heart of another soul? 

Indeed, it is.

I’m not sure which I’m more grateful for…my sending a “Thank You” note to her, or her “Thank You” note to me for my “Thank You” note…

3. For my “Sisters”.  The women and girls in my life who inspire me, remind me, encourage me, and love me, no matter what.  It’s such a blessing to love and be loved by Sisters who always has your best interest at heart.

4. For fun facts: i.e. It’s impossible to frown while skipping or Hula-Hooping.    

5. For powerful quotes worth sharing:

“Think as God thinks.  Think big.” ~Joel Osteen, “Your Best Life”


“Beautiful Things Await You.” ~The Fortune Cookie.


Jump in at any time, in a comment below, in your own blog, or within the private pages of your journal…count your blessings and cultivate abundant blessings and JOY in full bloom!

What are you grateful for today?


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