Day 3 ~ From Rain Comes Flowers

4 Jan

There’s been an open space in my life since Nana left us just over a year ago.  A void that simply cannot be filled, and an irreplaceable familiarity that aches no matter how much time passes.  Without her, life just isn’t the same.

I miss her every day.

We used to grocery shop together on Fridays.  Now, when I’m at the market, I find myself striking up conversation with elderly folks I come across in the isles, almost desperate for the connection to the wisdom and energy of a warm and knowing soul…

Delores is 87 years old.  I met her earlier this afternoon on isle 3, and by isle 11, I knew all about her children, her 21 grandchildren, and the husband who had once been the comedian in the family, but who now lived in a home for Alzheimer patients.

She even shared her age old family recipe for perfect apple cobbler…

She said, “I haven’t had someone to shop with in a very long time–what fun this was!  I hope I see you here again someday.”

Yes, someday–that would be nice.

BUT, even if someday never comes, our time together today was pretty spectacular…

A true gift for the both of us.

I am grateful for–

1. Delores–I made a wish, and all 80 lbs. of her came true.

2. The ability to Love and Be Loved–it sounds so simple, but there was a time in my life when I would never have opened myself up to the heart of a stranger that way.

3. Elli’s Blessings Blog:

And all others who are joining me on this 365 day journey into the heart of a grateful and abundant life!

Thank you for sharing your blessings and light~

4. To know with complete certainly that it’s all happening FOR us…not to us.

5. Unity.  Alone, we shine, no doubt–but together, we really do illuminate the possibilities.

What are you grateful for today?

Invite JOY into your life ~ Count your blessings!


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