Day 4 ~ (Warning: May Become Habit Forming.)

4 Jan

Have you been playing along?  Have you been taking time for your Self each day to reflect through the lens of gratitude, and acknowledge just 5 reasons to feel grateful?  If you’ve joined in, then you might already be feeling a shift.  Are you finding that you’re turning your minds “eye” to seek the good, the gifts and the positive experiences?   The blessings really are everywhere, aren’t they?

The act of acknowledging our gifts and “giving conscious thanks” feeds our sprit and nourishes our soul, empowering our mind, and opening our heart to even more of all there is to be grateful for.  It’s magical, and exciting and…habit forming!

TIP: Keep a pen and small notebook with you at all times.  For one full day, write down EVERYTHING you are grateful for in that one day—everything.  Fill that notebook up with all things big and small, from the beauty and wonder you observe in others, to the experiences, moments, quotes, conversations, friends and community who make your life what it is, moment by moment.
WAKE UP!  You are abundantly blessed—and loved beyond measure.


Gratitude for today, Day 4~

1. Fuzzy Socks.

(Hey, sometimes it’s the small stuff…)

2. Empty baby food jars continue to trickle into our office, and I am SO grateful!

(We need 525 empty baby food jars by Feb 5th.  I’ll be reading my best-selling children’s book, “What Love Is A-Z” and leading grades 1-3 through an art experience called “The Love Jar Project”, which promotes Healthy Self Concept and Self Esteem. I’ll be joined by a plethora of volunteers and the good people of Reading Is Fundamental of So. Ca.)

For more info, read the press release:

Again, there are 525 studentsGot Jars?

3. For healthy conversations and fresh perspective, I give almighty thanks.  Here is a brief excerpt of a conversation I had earlier today with a well respected business leader, and long time friend:

Friend: “Would you take all the skills you’ve learned, along with the time, energy, and resources it took to acquire that knowledge, and sell it all for 1 million dollars? 

 Me: No way—

Friend: “Well, there you go—remember your value.”

(…think about that.)

4.       Blue skies, a mild breeze, and live music at the outdoor farmers market—in January.

5.       And for the Quote of the day:

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”  -Albert Schweitzer


What are YOU grateful for today?  Share it—be the one to light the flame within another.

Remember, YOU are the gift!


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