Day 8 ~ Sweet Sunday

9 Jan

Ill make it quick…just because its Sunday, and typically a day I stay off the Internet.

Blessings for Today, Day 8

1. For blessings which come a knocking…

A friend I havent seen for nearly a year came by my house today; we visited, ate candy, and laughed like a 12 year olds…


2. For all the writing I got done during the wee hours–Im so grateful for the wee hours.

3. For hot tea with sticks of honey by the fireplace earlier tonight…

4. For the courage I found to take the neighbor some of my homegrown tomatoes. (I dont care if he doesnt like me–I love loving him anyway!)

emThoroughly entertaining…/em

5. For the ability to post this blog right from my phone, while sitting on the back patio, underneath the stars.

Im so, so grateful.

May your week be rich with blessings~God knows, theyre there for you! br /br /a href= src= alt=20120108-190235.jpg class=alignnone size-full //a


One Response to “Day 8 ~ Sweet Sunday”

  1. Let it be Lovely January 9, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Lovely post. Sweet blessings. Have a great day!

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