Day 13 ~ Friday the 13th, Saving Snails, and “Wet Ones”.

14 Jan

Happy Weekend!  Our movie is about to start, so here are my random fun five…

Blessings for Today, Day 13

  1. For shocking random facts that’ll forever make you think twice.  (Did you know that a Margarita has 740 calories??  (Yeah, I’ll have a water with lemon on the side, please.)
  2. The anticipation of a well intended “wet one” from my loving terrier, and the way he “leans” in for hugs.
  3. New friends–new people to share with, learn from, love and be loved by.
  4. I watched a little girl fill the basket on her bike up with flowers…from the neighbors flower beds. I suppose I could’ve said something, but she was just so cute-when she was finished, she saved some snails off the sidewalk, and rode away, clearly fulfilled.
  5. Breakfast for dinner…What are you grateful for today?  Who captured your attention, made you think, or encouraged you to grow?  What caught your heart by joyful surprise today, and left you smiling?  The blessings are everywhere, in everything, and inside of every one…and when you count them, they multiply.  It’s magical, really.

One Response to “Day 13 ~ Friday the 13th, Saving Snails, and “Wet Ones”.”

  1. Moving Mama January 14, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    I’m thankful for the warm sunshine this morning!

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