Day 18 ~ For Love In Action

19 Jan

This morning, I heard a story of a woman in Florida who leaves Post-It notes everywhere she goes. She writes inspirational messages and reminders to the heart on little yellow , sticky squares, and she leaves them, literally everywhere, for complete strangers to happen by~

What an easy way to Love.

Blessings for today, Day 18

1. For Love in action.

2. For my new Post-It notes made from 100% recycled paper.

Yes, I’m completely inspired…

3. For “Let’s Make A Deal!” My Sister-Friends and I have a 1 in 18 chance of winning a car or a camel this June–woohoo!

I hear Camels are sweet once they get to know you…

4. Sprout-Guy finally lost his other front tooth, which means the Tooth-Fairy will be making her visit later tonight — I’ve always wondered what she looks like. (I’ll bet she wears a flower for a dress…)

5. For those who have volunteered to support inner city youth with me on February10th, and for all who have donated empty baby food jars for the Love Jar Self Esteem project. I am so grateful for your support.

To read more, or apply to volunteer, click here.

You are the gift!

Now, go pick up some Post-It notes…

And, count your blessings.


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