Day 20 ~ Your Dreams Are Your Reality…in Que.

21 Jan

“Start light, star bright, first star I see tonight–I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish, I wish tonight.”

My mother taught me that rhyme when I was a little girl–I remember feeling so excited, so sure that whatever wish I made would come true...

I’d say, “Can I tell you what I wished for?”  And she would say, “If you tell your wish, it wont come true.

(Apparently , she was wrong–thank goodness!)

A wish, or dream that lives within your heart is already alive and in Que, quietly preparing to  unfold in your life–if it is from your heart, then it is simply so…and so it is.



Gratitude for Today, Day 20

1. For the first star I see tonight, and for the wish I know came true before I wished it.

2. For dandelions.

I love those magical little flowers...always have.

3. For wishing wells, ponds and fountains full of promises and shiny coins.

4. For pennies on the sidewalk, just waiting to be wished upon.

5. For candles–they don’t have to be birthday candles.  Every time you blow a candle out, make a wish..see it, feel it, embrace it.

If you can dream it, wish it, hope it,speak it or write it, it’s possible.


The dream that lives within the heart, is your reality in Que.


Count your blessings.




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