Days 21 & 22 ~ Valuable Reminders to the Heart

23 Jan

It was a weekend rich with reflection, exploration and excavation…

Gratitude for Saturday, Day 21

For this weeks 5 valuable reminders to the Entrepreneurial Author:

1. Get it in writing, and get it approved by an industry expert ~ Every single time.

2. Get clear! Clarity saves energy, relationships, time, creative resources and money.

3. Never, ever sell yourself short, ever. (*No one can sell you short but *you*, so just don’t do it.)

4. You are the only ONE who can create what YOU came to create–it’s valuable, it’s perfect, and the world is waiting for it, so get a move on…

5. You were born to “co-create”; not “create for”.

Educate, collaborate, serve, contribute, give thanks, and repeat.

It’s moving through you, and happening for you.

It’s all a gift.

Gratitude for Sunday, Day 22

For this weeks valuable reminders to my human heart:

1. People are funny–not always “haha” funny, but funny nonetheless.

2. There is no such thing as failure if you at least try. All you have to do, is try.

And if you don’t try, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed–it just means you haven’t tried!

See how it all evens out?

3. There is no ONE WAY, and no secret map to riches or treasure…only your own way. Trust your heart, and follow IT!

(Oh, the places you’ll go.)

4. Take what you take, and leave what you leave.

If it tastes bad, spit it out, if it hurts, let it go, if it warms your heart and lifts your spirit, embrace it and give thanks.

It’s all for you and up to you…

5. **You are loved beyond measure, just the way you are, no matter what.

What are you grateful for today?



One Response to “Days 21 & 22 ~ Valuable Reminders to the Heart”

  1. C.B. Wentworth January 23, 2012 at 7:37 pm #

    I am thankful for receiving a starter for Amish Friendship Bread from an unexpected friend. 🙂

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