Days 24 & 25 ~ Yesterday & Today

26 Jan

While they stand there complaining that there is no door to open, you get busy knockin’ the wall out…you’ve got a door to build.

Waste no time–you get to do this life, but once.

10 blessings, Yesterday’s and Today’s

1. California Soft Tacos for dinner–yum!

Whole wheat Tortillas, lettuce, spinach, mushrooms, “cheese”, cucumber, tomatoes and fresh salsa with avocado slices..more please.

2. For my brother and friend, Rob Kaye.

He’s amazing, insightful, talented, adorable and rich with dimension, humor, brilliance and Love.

3. For my Grandma Phyllis–every now and then, she remembers us.

4. For the squirrel who picks the oranges off my tree…he leaves peels everywhere for me to clean up, but it’s worth it…he’s so cute.

5. For a very memorable fish burial…

She was a good fish.

6. For the new fish.

7. For the PLUTHORA of Baby Food Jars (Thank you Kimberly Reid, Cricket, and all those who collected these jars on behalf of inner city youth in Los Angeles–February 10th will CELEBRATE!!

Read about our day in Entertainment News Express: HERE.

8. For a January evening so beautiful I can open my doors and windows and enJoy the breeze..


9. For this blessings blog…

10. And for this big smile on my face–it appears, magically, every time I count my blessings.

Try it.

Count your blessings.



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