Day 26 ~ For the contagious smile of a dog…

27 Jan

Yeah, it might be one of the worlds sweetest wonders. The smile of a dog is contagious, and beautiful, and genuine…and an absolute gift to the Spirit.

I had to share. Smiles are meant to be shared.

(See and catch smile below.)

Gratitude for Today, Day 26

1. For my fur-son. I simply adore him, and his fuzzy smile that stretches from one far corner of his muzzle to the other.

2. For ” #thankfulthursday ” on Twitter…blessing, after blessing, after blessing, in every size, color and lifestyle~very inspiring!

3. For new stationary. I love stationary, and send a lot of hand written notes…

Try sending a thank you note a day–
To anyone you’re grateful to or for, from your best friend to the lady at the post office who’s always kind and helpful.

You’ll love the way you feel, and those who receive your note will love the way you make them feel, too.

4. For articles that make me laugh out loud, like this one by Janene Mascarella: (Most Moms will appreciate this one.)

Read article here.

5. For for the snoring dog…

More smiles will come tomorrow.

Count your blessings.



One Response to “Day 26 ~ For the contagious smile of a dog…”

  1. diannabellerose January 27, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    What a lovely smile:))) Dogs are blessings, and they love us unconditionally.

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