Day 29 ~ Are you with me?

30 Jan

It’s a daily thing; 5 a day, in pictures, in words, and in affirmation.

Are you with me?

Gratitude for today, Day 29

1. Children’s Birthday Parties–I love them! The excitement, the party games, the friendships, the laughter…the cake..

(I love cake.)

These mini-ragers bring back memories~

2. Kids jokes.

(It’s always good to have a spare kid joke in your back pocket.)

Why was 6 afraid of 7?


Cause 7, 8, 9!!

Get it?

7, 8, 9…

3. Every stitch of laundry is DONE.

I feel so accomplished..

4. “Tommy the Throwaway Dog“, By Laura Marlow — based on a true story. It was our bedtime story tonight, and one of Sprouts favorites.

Thank you Laura Marlow for this beautiful contribution to children’s literature.

5. Fuzzy socks, and Jammie’s still warm from the dryer.

Its only as difficult as you make it..and it’s your turn!

Are you with me?

What are you grateful for today?



One Response to “Day 29 ~ Are you with me?”

  1. cestlavie22 January 30, 2012 at 3:21 am #

    Today I am grateful for my boyfriend’s mom. If it wasnt for her I wouldnt have a home cooked meal to come home to after working 3-9 🙂

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