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100 Blessings on Fathers Day

18 Jun

When it comes to being my fathers daughter, this is just too easy..it’s every little thing about him. About US. 🙂

1. For being chosen. I’m adopted, and under unusual circumstances, too..I’m grateful to be my fathers daughter.

2. For those who say “You’re so much like your Dad.” (I’m flattered!)

3. For magic circle hugs.

4. For birthdays that always made me feel like a princess.

5. Cards in the mail from Dad, “just because”..

6. Long stories told by Dad..the kind that draw me in, and make me forget where I am..I lose myself in the vision he paints with his words.

6. For honor.

7. For long lines of amazing people who preceded my father, and taught him everything he knows about being a man. (My God Im grateful for those examples who loved him enough to lead him.)

8. For the example he is to my sons.

9. For the example he’s always been to me.

10. For an exemplary father, who is MINE. He more than made up for the ones who walked away.

11. For the ones who walked away..they made space for my Dad to come in and embrace me, Love me, raise me, and accept me just the way I am, no matter what. *Because of him, I know it’s possible. He taught me Love.

12. For memories that make us laugh until we cry..

13. For memories that used to make us cry, that now we can finally laugh about. 🙂

14. For Grandma Phyllis. Amazing mothers raise amazing men.

15. For mismatched socks. That always makes me smile.

16. For 450,000 ties to choose from.

17. For my Dads compassionate heart.

18. For his quick wit.

19. For his sound reason. God, he’s smart.

20. For the fact that he still won’t let me drive his car..too funny. (Parallel parking was a challenge of mine in my teen years, as were those pesky “One-Way” streets..Pffft. I’m better now!)

21. For radio shows where I get to the chance to tell the world how wonderful he is. Still grateful to Nancy Ferrari for the opportunity just a few weeks ago on Beach Cities Radio, AM 1680. 🙂

22. For the escape of the beach house. Home is where the heart is..and where Dad is. 🙂

23. For Home.

24. For the roar of the ocean-

25. Sea air from the balcony-

26. City lights from the hilltop-

27. Mac n cheese, made special. It was “Dads Mac n Cheese”.

28. For first bikes

29. First cars

30. First dates

31. Beagles.

32. A love for nature

33. A deep appreciation for planet Earth

34. A place in my heart for butterflies

35. A life immersed in creativity

36. Dads stories of adventure during his early days,

37. For his life. He was shot..and he’s alive! (He’s Superman. Yeah I might sound bias, but it’s true. Superman.)

38. For his humor. He makes me laugh until my sides and cheeks ache.. 😀

39. For his forgiving heart.

40. For his ethical ideals.

41. For his dedication and commitment to contributing all he can to the world, sharing, honoring and passing on years of research, knowledge, wisdom and generosity through his work, and now, his publications.

He’s an inspiration to me, and to all who are touched by him.

42. For his bravery.

43. For his rich life experience, and the lessons he’s shared with me..

Especially about Love, Patience and Compassion.

44. For Sawdust days.

45. Work at the booth days.

46. Help in the office days.

47. Beach days.

48. For a father who taught me to work hard-

49. Put family first-

50. Rest-

51. Pray.

52. For his perspective..

53. His open heart.

54. His “up to something” grin. : )

55. For nicknames that never, ever go away.

56. For the moment you realize that you love those nicknames because without them, the world might tilt..

57. For days like this.

58. For all the yesterday’s that brought us to today..even the tough yesterday’s.

59. For little gifts. He thinks of us, always.

60. For souvenirs.

61. For Christmas Tree ornaments, decades old..thanks, Dad.

And Grandma Phyllis.

62. For scars..Dad remembers where they came from. Especially the ones (plural) from when I slid down the driveway running after the ice cream truck..

63. For the honesty between us. He’s my friend..a best friend, even. Not just my Dad.

64. His perseverance showed me that all you have to do to get where you want to go is, keep going!

65. For the advice ill never forget: Don’t trample through the forest in a mad hunt..be patient. It will come to you.

66. Silly pictures-

67. Goober jokes-

68. A freezer full of his daughters homemade food in meal sized portions..

*DO THIS! Parents love it. 🙂
Especially single, busy, or elderly parents. What an easy way to love..

69. (Seriously, 69, already? My Dad makes this too easy..)

69. That my Dad makes this so easy. 🙂

70. Long car rides to se the wildflowers in Gorman

71. For ice cream cones..as quick as it hit the sidewalk, Dad was replacing it.

72. For Cowgirl Boots, brought back from the State Fair of Texas, just for me.

73. For Disneyland, every time.

74. For a love for the Sea, and the beautiful creatures who live there.

75. For his Love for my children. He is their Superman, too.

76. Sound auto advice-

77. Zero marital advice-

78. For his generosity of Spirit-

79. Unbridled support of my dreams-

80. Constant motivator, encourager, cheerleader.

81. “You never lose when you stand up for yourself in the light of your truth.”

Even if it feels like you’re falling on your a$$..

82. Dad has been EVERYWHERE. Name a place…he’s likely been there and can tell you local secrets.

From NYC to the jungles of Burma and Bali, he’s been…

Yeah, pretty much everywhere.

83. For his example of the value of a good education. My boys honor him..if he can do it, they can do it. They want to be just like him.

(They don’t want to be lawyers, but in many other ways, yes, JUST like him.)

84. For long emails that go on about the little things..

85. For short emails that say little but let me know he’s there, thinking of me.

86. I’m grateful he’s proud of the life I’m living.

87. Lizards.

88. A catfish who was like family

89. A cat named Henry

90. A bedroom in blue and yellow

91. A golden locket, around my neck

92. A heart and mind aligned with his

93. A night to reflect on abundant blessings

94. For divine order

95. For history, rich and deep

96. For the sanctuary of the Father-Daughter relationship.

97. For a day spent in the very best company a girl could ask for..my love, my dad, my boys, all in the same place. (Heaven on Earth.)

98. For the hours of Chutes & Ladders as a child, and for the HOURS I tied up the phone line as a teen..thanks, Dad.

99. For your steady hand, Dad..

100. And your tender heart.

(I love you, so.)

Happy Fathers Day, Friends!



Days 14 & 15~ And What Days They Have Been…

16 Jan

Day 14~ Dinner is at 10 pm.

I had dinner with a group of girlfriends on Saturday night at a restraunt (sort of) in West Hollywood.  None of us really understood what we were in for (or did they?), and the night was one to remember.  Forever.

What makes it so memorable?  Well, of course the laughter, the memories, the photos, and a video that better never leave a certain someones flip camera (Warning: Disco balls are bigger and heavier than they appear), but also the lessons learned, the insights shared, and the acceptance of what what is, and of who we are as women and Sisters.  True friendship is radically authentic and rich with lessons.  (Er, I mean, blessings.)

Gratitude for today, Day 14

1.  For comfortable shoes, and double trouble.  In West Hollywood, there is limited parking other than by permit, so we parked WAY south of the…restaurant.  I was grateful for the time spent catching up in the car ride together, and for the pre-party laughter on our walk from San Diego to West Hollywood.

(Ok, it wasnt that far, but still..)

2. For the LAST TABLE AVAILABLE for the night–apparently, someone didn’t make their reservation, and it was Reservation Only.

If we had not been gifted the last table, I never would have had that chololate molten lava cake with ice cream and hot fudge–man that was good.

And I would never have taken that great photo of Catherine with Marilyn Monroe.

(Or whoever that was.)

3. For friends who fly in from other places and remind you of how much you love where you live.  Being a Southern California resident has it’s disadvantages, most places do, but also like most other places, there are huge advantages, and it’s easy to forget how blessed we are until a fresh perspective shows up with the reminder.

I’m also grateful to understand that we take our personal culture with us–what we give out is what we attract.

4. For the opportunity to feel ABUNDANT gratitude for the female relationships I have in my life–women I’ll be playing cards with over Bloody Mary’s when we’re 85..

5. For my 5 best Sister-Friends in life.  I can count them on one hand, and call them at any hour.  I’m blessed beyond measure to be loved by some of the most astounding women on the planet.

Even if I do snort when I laugh, eat dessert first, and have our retirements planned out for us all…


Gratitude for Today, Day 15


1. For “Free Days”.  Sunday is traditionally my “Free Day” (thank you Jack Canfield), and a day I reserve for reflection, connection and family.

2. For how much there still is yet to learn.

3. For antique linens in a box at the back of the garage–they still smell like Nana’s house.

4. For bedtime stories…I wonder how long I went on before he fell asleep.

5. For the things kids say.

Just before I tucked him in and opened the book, he said, “Mommy, can you pull my tooth out?”

“No, it’s not ready yet”, I said.

And he said, “Well, it may not be ready, but I am!”


Ultimately, I convinced him to wait a day or two (or five), but I love his fearless gusto.


What are you grateful for today?


Write it down, make a list, send a thank you note, log the gifts in a daily gratitude journal–invite Joy into your life.  Joy is in fact, your birthright.