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Happy 50th Day of the Year!

19 Feb

Am I really 12 days behind schedule?   Ok, I can explain…

It’s been an exciting time!  Over the past 12 days, I’ve spent precious time with thousands of Southern California students, Appeared at the AEF Authors Festival, Lead 3 Assemblies, visited 17 classrooms, and created 525 Love Jars with 1st-3rd graders — we had one SPECTACULAR Valentine’s Day-Week! View photos in the Reading is Fundamental of Southern California (RIFSoCal) Newsletter HERE.

    60 Blessings for Today

The 50th Day of the Year

For Soul Nourishing Opportunities:

1. AEF Authors Festival

MY Thanks to the Alhambra Educational Foundation for the invitation to read my best-seller, “What Love Is A-Z” to multiple groups during this special celebration of literature.  We had so much fun!  What a *phenomenal* group of dedicated educators and staff–it was a privilege to participate and I look forward to seeing you again next year!  *Special Thanks to ASB President “Ashley” for her assistance and support during my visit.

2. FAB (Film Advisory Board Award)

“What Love Is A-Z” was nominated and won the Tribute for Excellence in Children’s Literature from the Film Advisory Board (FAB), and I am so honored!  My abundant gratitude to the board for their recognition and acknowledgement.

3. 525 Children, OH MY!  (That’s a LOT ‘o Love!)

This was a magical day–there is no other way to describe the joy, connection, celebration, friendship and LOVE that filled the air at Middleton Elementary School in East Los Angeles this past Friday!

Our youth need us now more than ever before–children deserve to feel empowered, know that they are loved and treasured just the way they are, and be reminded of just how big of a role they play in our lives now, and in the future.

Without them, what have we got exactly?

My abundant gratitude to the dedicated LAUSD staff, teachers, personnel, parent volunteers, RIFSoCal, Sandi Marvich (NuSkin), Kimberly Reid, Laura Marlow (Author of Tommy the Throwaway Dog) and most of all, to the STUDENTS, for making this day, and this life, simply magical.  You are LOVED beyond measure! 

4. My work with CCHR Florida

This organization is lead by Earth Angel, Laurie Anspach in conjunction with the CCHR Florida Youth Group (a small army of powerful young leaders who are changing the world one hug at a time).  Right now, you can purchase a copy of my book, “What Love Is A-Z” through their site, and 100% of the proceeds will support their powerful mission to serve, empower, and educate the population while exposing psychiatric violations against adults and children.

To learn more, please click the link…need support for yourself, a family member or a friend?  Call their National Hotline.  You are never alone–thanks to CCHR Florida.

5. For my team, who makes everything I do possible–we’re not meant to do it all on our own, and good thing too because, who would want to? 

For the Writers Quotes I heard along the way…

6. “I love deadlines; I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by..” ~Douglas Adams

7. “There are two kinds of writer; those who make you think, and those who make you wonder.” ~Brian Aldiss

8. Asking a working writer how he feels about his critics is like asking a lamppost how he feels about dogs.” ~Christopher Hampton

9. “No tale tells all.” ~Alexei Panshin

10. “We write to taste life twice.” Anais Nin

For the Questions the children asked me this past week during Q&A that made me laugh, think, smile, reflect and even cry… (I love being a Children’s Book Author–have I mentioned that?)

11. “Do you ever yell?”  Ask by a first grader with ponytails and pink fingernails..

12. “When I grow up, will you buy my book?” Asked by a 3rd grade boy, who planned to write a book about cars.

I told him I’d only buy his book if he promised to autograph it for me.

13. “Will you come back every Friday?” Asked by a 2nd grader who thought it would be a great idea to do Love Jars and book readings each and every Friday.

While I whole-heartedly agreed that there would be no better way to spend our Fridays, I let the child know that I’d have to run that idea past the school board…

14. “Do we get a copy of your book?”

Thanks to RIFSoCal, I was able to answer, “Yes”.
Thank you, RIFSoCal!

15. “Do you ever take kids home to your house?”

No…but trust me when I say I want to!

They are just so cute…
For the gifts my family gave from the heart for Valentines Day–one of my most favorite Holidays:

16. Flowers…

(I realize they came from the neighbors yard..he’s little…he meant well.)

17. Two words: Sees Candy.

This has to be what Heaven tastes like.

18. Homemade cards, with coloring that runs ever so slightly outside the lines in an obvious display of concentrated effort on behalf of well intending child.

Children are what love is.

19. For Love Letters.

20. For Heart Shaped Rocks.  They make excellent Paperweights.

For adventures and the folks you meet along the way:

21. For the man in East LA, who couldn’t speak English, but understood I need directions–he grabbed a napkin and pen from his glove box, and drew me a map, and then sent me on my way with a smile and a nod.

22. For good (and very brave)  friends who help drag homeless drunk people and their belongings out of the street while everyone else drives by, narrowly missing his legs (thank you, Catherine–you’re an Earth Angel).

23. For the kid ahead of me in line who didn’t have enough money to pay for his Subway Sandwich.

Love shares, knowing there is always enough.  God bless the people in line who offered to contribute.

24. For One Way Streets…or rather, for the fact that I have survived going the wrong way on these streets more times than I can count.

I guess what I’m really grateful for here is my survival…

25. For safe travels…I’ve done a lot of traveling during the past 12 days, and I’m grateful to be home, safe and sound.

For Sunday Mornings

26.  The Quiet

27. The snoring dog at my feet as I type

28. The scent of fresh cinnamon rolls

29. The coupons that wait patiently in the center of the LA Times

30. Hot tea with Honey and Mint Sprigs from my garden

31. Mismatched Fuzzy Socks

32. The hummingbird who stares through the kitchen window…what is he looking for exactly?

33. Free time to meditate, engage in pilates, and open my heart space

For Sunday Plans, loosely unstructured–

34. Bike Rides to the park

35. Sidewalk Chalk

36. Thank You Notes

37. A visit to our Monkey at the Moorpark Zoo

38. Raspberry Frozen Yogurts

39. Time to gather clothing donations for Tuesdays pick-up

40. For the fact that I love my life the way I do–I see any plans, no plans at all, and the plans the fall in mid-flight, all as blessings.

41. For my personal Truth, Beliefs and Feelings, and for the freedom to respectfully share them without consequence in the United States of America.

Newt Gingrich frightens me.  I realize he has a purpose–we all do–

but still, he scares me a little.

A man who believes that our countries poorest children should be mopping our floors, is likely a man who should be…mopping our floors.

K, I feel better now.

42. For Women who bend the rules a little in the name of greater good.

It’s been said that no well-behaved woman has ever made history.

43.  For how good this feels…

44. For the dedicated and unparalleled educators and faculty members of the LAUSD.

Let us honor those who teach to serve the children and the world.

45. For free-will.

When you hear bad news (and there’s plenty of it floating around these days within the sound bytes of life), don’t ask “God, why?”; instead ask, “God, how can I contribute to the solution?”
You’re here on purpose, there are no mistakes, and it’s all unfolding in divine order. Please do not look away–instead, look within.

Please, please, do not play small.

46. For gratitude in and of itself

47. For the healing effect this soul food called “Gratitude” has on my life

48. For the blessings that roll through me as naturally as breathing

49. For the ability to express myself in words, so that I might never burst…

50. For the 50th Day of the Year–so far, I am LOVING 2012!

60 blessings today–we’re nearly through, yet I could go on and on.

For what we must always remember:

51. Our potential is limitless.

52. All things are possible with Love.

53. We were created to shift the world..each of us, in our own magnificent way.

54. We were created to raise our voice, and the vibration of humanity.  There is no mistake that you or I are here right now.

55. The answers are inside you–all of them.  The hardest part about that is being quiet long enough to listen…but it’s worth shutting up for.

56. We are each one whole part of a bigger whole.

57. We were each created for greatness–each meant to contribute something, or some things, that no one else on earth could possible offer.

I swear…

58.  To forgive is to set yourself FREE–love yourself enough.

59. We are each perfect, just the way we are.

60. There is no more powerful way to shift your perspective, and your life, than to count your blessings.

What are you grateful for today?


Day 20 ~ Your Dreams Are Your Reality…in Que.

21 Jan

“Start light, star bright, first star I see tonight–I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish, I wish tonight.”

My mother taught me that rhyme when I was a little girl–I remember feeling so excited, so sure that whatever wish I made would come true...

I’d say, “Can I tell you what I wished for?”  And she would say, “If you tell your wish, it wont come true.

(Apparently , she was wrong–thank goodness!)

A wish, or dream that lives within your heart is already alive and in Que, quietly preparing to  unfold in your life–if it is from your heart, then it is simply so…and so it is.



Gratitude for Today, Day 20

1. For the first star I see tonight, and for the wish I know came true before I wished it.

2. For dandelions.

I love those magical little flowers...always have.

3. For wishing wells, ponds and fountains full of promises and shiny coins.

4. For pennies on the sidewalk, just waiting to be wished upon.

5. For candles–they don’t have to be birthday candles.  Every time you blow a candle out, make a wish..see it, feel it, embrace it.

If you can dream it, wish it, hope it,speak it or write it, it’s possible.


The dream that lives within the heart, is your reality in Que.


Count your blessings.



Day 19 ~ Imagine the Unimaginable! (Anything is possible…)

20 Jan

There’s something magical about starting the each day with your chin up and your heart wide open–when we can imagine the unimaginable, expect the unexpected, and rejoice in the blessings we KNOW are on the way, we invite a sense of wonder, possibility and hope…

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude for today, Day 19

1. For determination, tenacity and an unstoppable nature ~ Without these qualities, I’d have surely given up long ago.

2. For those who see in someone what that someone could not see in themselves….and tell them so.

What a gift.

3. For anticipation...is there a more exciting state of mind?

4. For my messy desk.

(They say it’s the sign of a genius–I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I’ve decided just to go with it…)

5. For the honor of winning the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board in Los Angeles, Ca. It’s a privilege to see my book, “What Love Is A-Z” receive such recognition.

To read more about this tribute, Click Here.


Imagine the unimaginable, expect the unexpected, and rejoice in the blessings you KNOW are on the way; invite a sense of wonder, possibility and hope…

What are you grateful for today?

Day 18 ~ For Love In Action

19 Jan

This morning, I heard a story of a woman in Florida who leaves Post-It notes everywhere she goes. She writes inspirational messages and reminders to the heart on little yellow , sticky squares, and she leaves them, literally everywhere, for complete strangers to happen by~

What an easy way to Love.

Blessings for today, Day 18

1. For Love in action.

2. For my new Post-It notes made from 100% recycled paper.

Yes, I’m completely inspired…

3. For “Let’s Make A Deal!” My Sister-Friends and I have a 1 in 18 chance of winning a car or a camel this June–woohoo!

I hear Camels are sweet once they get to know you…

4. Sprout-Guy finally lost his other front tooth, which means the Tooth-Fairy will be making her visit later tonight — I’ve always wondered what she looks like. (I’ll bet she wears a flower for a dress…)

5. For those who have volunteered to support inner city youth with me on February10th, and for all who have donated empty baby food jars for the Love Jar Self Esteem project. I am so grateful for your support.

To read more, or apply to volunteer, click here.

You are the gift!

Now, go pick up some Post-It notes…

And, count your blessings.

Day 16 ~ The Best Advice I’ve Ever Been Gifted

17 Jan

I’ve taken it, I’ve left it, I’ve asked for it, and I’ve avoided it; and it seems as if everywhere I go, there it is--the well intended (and sometimes not so well intended) “Good Advice”.

Gratitude for Today, Day 16

The best advice I’ve ever been gifted.

1. “Pay Attention.” ~Vivian Komori, Athena Award Winner,Producer, Radio Host, International Speaker and Visionary.

2. “Write what you know.” ~Stephen Hobbs, Best-Selling Author,  Evolutionary Business Council Founding Member, World Leader,Visionary, Speaker and Humanitarian.

3. “Your only “job” in this life is to be your Self, and you came perfectly prepared to do just that–be exactly You.” ~Rev. Dr. Sharron Stroud, Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide, Palm Springs Ca., Athena Award Winner, Humanitarian, and Globally Recognized New Thought Leader.

4. “To thine own self be true.” ~ Nana

(I miss you, Nana..)

5.. “Count your blessings.” ~ Dad.
What words have you been blessed by?  Which phrase, reminder or snippet of truth resides permanently within your heart space?

Advice is a gift–take it, leave it, or laugh at it…

But always be grateful for it.


Day 12 ~ Heart Shaped Sandwiches

13 Jan

I read this question today:

“If making YOU required a recipe, what would the ingredients be?”

In other words, what are you made of?

Take 5…


Blessings for today, Day 12

 1. For Heart-Shaped sandwiches with a Sister—too perfect!

(And too funny that the guy serving Heart-Shaped sandwiches was a grump—how do you be a grump and serve Heart-Shaped sandwiches, simultaneously?)

I bet he’s one of those people who can frown while skipping…there are only a handful of folks worldwide who can frown while skipping.


2. For my Littlest Sprout-Guy.  I woke up this morning to his little hand petting my hair.  “Mommy”, he whispered, “I wasn’t finished being with you yesterday.”

He almost stayed home from school for that one…so, so close.


3. For Samantha Channels, 5 time Melanoma Survivor, Mama, and Founder of Gotsunblock.com.  Her call to action and awareness has saved many, many lives…and I’m grateful for those who hold her in their prayers right now.


4. For the JOY of setting, and honoring, my own boundaries.


5. For a day of comfort, Love, acceptance, friendship, camaraderie, Joy and surprises…

I could do this day all over again!

What are you grateful for today?

(I wish you blessings…and heart-shaped sandwiches.)

Day 11 ~ I got flowers today. :)

12 Jan

I got flowers today!  And it felt magnificent…

He came right up behind me and said, “close your eyes–and no peaking.”  There was silence for a minute, as I felt him come around the front of me.  “You can open your eyes now“, he said with a smile in his voice and an even bigger smile on his face.  Oh my Gosh, I love him…I love my Sprout-Guy.


Blessings for today, Day 11

1. For 7 year old Man-Sprouts and every other child, who picks flowers for someone they love.  Whether it’s a tiny pink flower or a bushel of dandelions dripping with roots, it feels magnificent to receive flowers from a child, who’s only agenda is to see you smile.

2. For dessert~I don’t always eat dessert, but when I do, I eat that first–just to make sure I’ve got room.  And now that I’m a grown-up in my 30’s, no one can tell me “no”.

3. For Elli, Lola, Marilyn, Jamie, C.B. Wentworth and other friends who share their blessings with me daily.  (I am grateful for your inspiration.)

4. For shared enthusiasm!  I spoke with a school principal today who is absolutely in love with what she does, and with the children she serves.  I look so forward to meeting her face to face, and spending the day with her and her students and staff in February when I read “What Love Is A-Z” to the Sprout-People. (I love my “job”.)

5. For the honor of being invited to serve and participate as a Featured Author for the AEF Authors Festivalit’s a privilege, and I am so, so grateful. 


Tell me, pretty please–what are you grateful for today?


(OK, even if you don’t tell me, count your blessings anyway–you’ll be glad you did.)