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Day 19 ~ Imagine the Unimaginable! (Anything is possible…)

20 Jan

There’s something magical about starting the each day with your chin up and your heart wide open–when we can imagine the unimaginable, expect the unexpected, and rejoice in the blessings we KNOW are on the way, we invite a sense of wonder, possibility and hope…

What are you grateful for today?

Gratitude for today, Day 19

1. For determination, tenacity and an unstoppable nature ~ Without these qualities, I’d have surely given up long ago.

2. For those who see in someone what that someone could not see in themselves….and tell them so.

What a gift.

3. For anticipation...is there a more exciting state of mind?

4. For my messy desk.

(They say it’s the sign of a genius–I’m not sure if that’s true or not, but I’ve decided just to go with it…)

5. For the honor of winning the Award of Excellence from the Film Advisory Board in Los Angeles, Ca. It’s a privilege to see my book, “What Love Is A-Z” receive such recognition.

To read more about this tribute, Click Here.


Imagine the unimaginable, expect the unexpected, and rejoice in the blessings you KNOW are on the way; invite a sense of wonder, possibility and hope…

What are you grateful for today?


Day 18 ~ For Love In Action

19 Jan

This morning, I heard a story of a woman in Florida who leaves Post-It notes everywhere she goes. She writes inspirational messages and reminders to the heart on little yellow , sticky squares, and she leaves them, literally everywhere, for complete strangers to happen by~

What an easy way to Love.

Blessings for today, Day 18

1. For Love in action.

2. For my new Post-It notes made from 100% recycled paper.

Yes, I’m completely inspired…

3. For “Let’s Make A Deal!” My Sister-Friends and I have a 1 in 18 chance of winning a car or a camel this June–woohoo!

I hear Camels are sweet once they get to know you…

4. Sprout-Guy finally lost his other front tooth, which means the Tooth-Fairy will be making her visit later tonight — I’ve always wondered what she looks like. (I’ll bet she wears a flower for a dress…)

5. For those who have volunteered to support inner city youth with me on February10th, and for all who have donated empty baby food jars for the Love Jar Self Esteem project. I am so grateful for your support.

To read more, or apply to volunteer, click here.

You are the gift!

Now, go pick up some Post-It notes…

And, count your blessings.

Day 17 ~ Neatly Listed.

18 Jan

365 days of gratitude–just 5 blessings a day, creatively written or neatly listed.  Start now, and by December 31 2012, you’ll have acknowledged 1,740 to feel abundantly grateful for the life you live.

Neatly listed…hm.

Gratitude for today, Day 17


1. The Tree-house.

2. Fresh flowers in January.

3. “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, By Shel Silverstein.

4. My favorite mug, filled with hot tea and honey.

5. The hearts and doors that Love open.



No matter how big or seemingly small, count your blessings. 

Day 16 ~ The Best Advice I’ve Ever Been Gifted

17 Jan

I’ve taken it, I’ve left it, I’ve asked for it, and I’ve avoided it; and it seems as if everywhere I go, there it is--the well intended (and sometimes not so well intended) “Good Advice”.

Gratitude for Today, Day 16

The best advice I’ve ever been gifted.

1. “Pay Attention.” ~Vivian Komori, Athena Award Winner,Producer, Radio Host, International Speaker and Visionary.

2. “Write what you know.” ~Stephen Hobbs, Best-Selling Author,  Evolutionary Business Council Founding Member, World Leader,Visionary, Speaker and Humanitarian.

3. “Your only “job” in this life is to be your Self, and you came perfectly prepared to do just that–be exactly You.” ~Rev. Dr. Sharron Stroud, Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide, Palm Springs Ca., Athena Award Winner, Humanitarian, and Globally Recognized New Thought Leader.

4. “To thine own self be true.” ~ Nana

(I miss you, Nana..)

5.. “Count your blessings.” ~ Dad.
What words have you been blessed by?  Which phrase, reminder or snippet of truth resides permanently within your heart space?

Advice is a gift–take it, leave it, or laugh at it…

But always be grateful for it.


Days 14 & 15~ And What Days They Have Been…

16 Jan

Day 14~ Dinner is at 10 pm.

I had dinner with a group of girlfriends on Saturday night at a restraunt (sort of) in West Hollywood.  None of us really understood what we were in for (or did they?), and the night was one to remember.  Forever.

What makes it so memorable?  Well, of course the laughter, the memories, the photos, and a video that better never leave a certain someones flip camera (Warning: Disco balls are bigger and heavier than they appear), but also the lessons learned, the insights shared, and the acceptance of what what is, and of who we are as women and Sisters.  True friendship is radically authentic and rich with lessons.  (Er, I mean, blessings.)

Gratitude for today, Day 14

1.  For comfortable shoes, and double trouble.  In West Hollywood, there is limited parking other than by permit, so we parked WAY south of the…restaurant.  I was grateful for the time spent catching up in the car ride together, and for the pre-party laughter on our walk from San Diego to West Hollywood.

(Ok, it wasnt that far, but still..)

2. For the LAST TABLE AVAILABLE for the night–apparently, someone didn’t make their reservation, and it was Reservation Only.

If we had not been gifted the last table, I never would have had that chololate molten lava cake with ice cream and hot fudge–man that was good.

And I would never have taken that great photo of Catherine with Marilyn Monroe.

(Or whoever that was.)

3. For friends who fly in from other places and remind you of how much you love where you live.  Being a Southern California resident has it’s disadvantages, most places do, but also like most other places, there are huge advantages, and it’s easy to forget how blessed we are until a fresh perspective shows up with the reminder.

I’m also grateful to understand that we take our personal culture with us–what we give out is what we attract.

4. For the opportunity to feel ABUNDANT gratitude for the female relationships I have in my life–women I’ll be playing cards with over Bloody Mary’s when we’re 85..

5. For my 5 best Sister-Friends in life.  I can count them on one hand, and call them at any hour.  I’m blessed beyond measure to be loved by some of the most astounding women on the planet.

Even if I do snort when I laugh, eat dessert first, and have our retirements planned out for us all…


Gratitude for Today, Day 15


1. For “Free Days”.  Sunday is traditionally my “Free Day” (thank you Jack Canfield), and a day I reserve for reflection, connection and family.

2. For how much there still is yet to learn.

3. For antique linens in a box at the back of the garage–they still smell like Nana’s house.

4. For bedtime stories…I wonder how long I went on before he fell asleep.

5. For the things kids say.

Just before I tucked him in and opened the book, he said, “Mommy, can you pull my tooth out?”

“No, it’s not ready yet”, I said.

And he said, “Well, it may not be ready, but I am!”


Ultimately, I convinced him to wait a day or two (or five), but I love his fearless gusto.


What are you grateful for today?


Write it down, make a list, send a thank you note, log the gifts in a daily gratitude journal–invite Joy into your life.  Joy is in fact, your birthright.


Day 13 ~ Friday the 13th, Saving Snails, and “Wet Ones”.

14 Jan

Happy Weekend!  Our movie is about to start, so here are my random fun five…

Blessings for Today, Day 13

  1. For shocking random facts that’ll forever make you think twice.  (Did you know that a Margarita has 740 calories??  (Yeah, I’ll have a water with lemon on the side, please.)
  2. The anticipation of a well intended “wet one” from my loving terrier, and the way he “leans” in for hugs.
  3. New friends–new people to share with, learn from, love and be loved by.
  4. I watched a little girl fill the basket on her bike up with flowers…from the neighbors flower beds. I suppose I could’ve said something, but she was just so cute-when she was finished, she saved some snails off the sidewalk, and rode away, clearly fulfilled.
  5. Breakfast for dinner…What are you grateful for today?  Who captured your attention, made you think, or encouraged you to grow?  What caught your heart by joyful surprise today, and left you smiling?  The blessings are everywhere, in everything, and inside of every one…and when you count them, they multiply.  It’s magical, really.

Day 12 ~ Heart Shaped Sandwiches

13 Jan

I read this question today:

“If making YOU required a recipe, what would the ingredients be?”

In other words, what are you made of?

Take 5…


Blessings for today, Day 12

 1. For Heart-Shaped sandwiches with a Sister—too perfect!

(And too funny that the guy serving Heart-Shaped sandwiches was a grump—how do you be a grump and serve Heart-Shaped sandwiches, simultaneously?)

I bet he’s one of those people who can frown while skipping…there are only a handful of folks worldwide who can frown while skipping.


2. For my Littlest Sprout-Guy.  I woke up this morning to his little hand petting my hair.  “Mommy”, he whispered, “I wasn’t finished being with you yesterday.”

He almost stayed home from school for that one…so, so close.


3. For Samantha Channels, 5 time Melanoma Survivor, Mama, and Founder of Gotsunblock.com.  Her call to action and awareness has saved many, many lives…and I’m grateful for those who hold her in their prayers right now.


4. For the JOY of setting, and honoring, my own boundaries.


5. For a day of comfort, Love, acceptance, friendship, camaraderie, Joy and surprises…

I could do this day all over again!

What are you grateful for today?

(I wish you blessings…and heart-shaped sandwiches.)