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Happy 50th Day of the Year!

19 Feb

Am I really 12 days behind schedule?   Ok, I can explain…

It’s been an exciting time!  Over the past 12 days, I’ve spent precious time with thousands of Southern California students, Appeared at the AEF Authors Festival, Lead 3 Assemblies, visited 17 classrooms, and created 525 Love Jars with 1st-3rd graders — we had one SPECTACULAR Valentine’s Day-Week! View photos in the Reading is Fundamental of Southern California (RIFSoCal) Newsletter HERE.

    60 Blessings for Today

The 50th Day of the Year

For Soul Nourishing Opportunities:

1. AEF Authors Festival

MY Thanks to the Alhambra Educational Foundation for the invitation to read my best-seller, “What Love Is A-Z” to multiple groups during this special celebration of literature.  We had so much fun!  What a *phenomenal* group of dedicated educators and staff–it was a privilege to participate and I look forward to seeing you again next year!  *Special Thanks to ASB President “Ashley” for her assistance and support during my visit.

2. FAB (Film Advisory Board Award)

“What Love Is A-Z” was nominated and won the Tribute for Excellence in Children’s Literature from the Film Advisory Board (FAB), and I am so honored!  My abundant gratitude to the board for their recognition and acknowledgement.

3. 525 Children, OH MY!  (That’s a LOT ‘o Love!)

This was a magical day–there is no other way to describe the joy, connection, celebration, friendship and LOVE that filled the air at Middleton Elementary School in East Los Angeles this past Friday!

Our youth need us now more than ever before–children deserve to feel empowered, know that they are loved and treasured just the way they are, and be reminded of just how big of a role they play in our lives now, and in the future.

Without them, what have we got exactly?

My abundant gratitude to the dedicated LAUSD staff, teachers, personnel, parent volunteers, RIFSoCal, Sandi Marvich (NuSkin), Kimberly Reid, Laura Marlow (Author of Tommy the Throwaway Dog) and most of all, to the STUDENTS, for making this day, and this life, simply magical.  You are LOVED beyond measure! 

4. My work with CCHR Florida

This organization is lead by Earth Angel, Laurie Anspach in conjunction with the CCHR Florida Youth Group (a small army of powerful young leaders who are changing the world one hug at a time).  Right now, you can purchase a copy of my book, “What Love Is A-Z” through their site, and 100% of the proceeds will support their powerful mission to serve, empower, and educate the population while exposing psychiatric violations against adults and children.

To learn more, please click the link…need support for yourself, a family member or a friend?  Call their National Hotline.  You are never alone–thanks to CCHR Florida.

5. For my team, who makes everything I do possible–we’re not meant to do it all on our own, and good thing too because, who would want to? 

For the Writers Quotes I heard along the way…

6. “I love deadlines; I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by..” ~Douglas Adams

7. “There are two kinds of writer; those who make you think, and those who make you wonder.” ~Brian Aldiss

8. Asking a working writer how he feels about his critics is like asking a lamppost how he feels about dogs.” ~Christopher Hampton

9. “No tale tells all.” ~Alexei Panshin

10. “We write to taste life twice.” Anais Nin

For the Questions the children asked me this past week during Q&A that made me laugh, think, smile, reflect and even cry… (I love being a Children’s Book Author–have I mentioned that?)

11. “Do you ever yell?”  Ask by a first grader with ponytails and pink fingernails..

12. “When I grow up, will you buy my book?” Asked by a 3rd grade boy, who planned to write a book about cars.

I told him I’d only buy his book if he promised to autograph it for me.

13. “Will you come back every Friday?” Asked by a 2nd grader who thought it would be a great idea to do Love Jars and book readings each and every Friday.

While I whole-heartedly agreed that there would be no better way to spend our Fridays, I let the child know that I’d have to run that idea past the school board…

14. “Do we get a copy of your book?”

Thanks to RIFSoCal, I was able to answer, “Yes”.
Thank you, RIFSoCal!

15. “Do you ever take kids home to your house?”

No…but trust me when I say I want to!

They are just so cute…
For the gifts my family gave from the heart for Valentines Day–one of my most favorite Holidays:

16. Flowers…

(I realize they came from the neighbors yard..he’s little…he meant well.)

17. Two words: Sees Candy.

This has to be what Heaven tastes like.

18. Homemade cards, with coloring that runs ever so slightly outside the lines in an obvious display of concentrated effort on behalf of well intending child.

Children are what love is.

19. For Love Letters.

20. For Heart Shaped Rocks.  They make excellent Paperweights.

For adventures and the folks you meet along the way:

21. For the man in East LA, who couldn’t speak English, but understood I need directions–he grabbed a napkin and pen from his glove box, and drew me a map, and then sent me on my way with a smile and a nod.

22. For good (and very brave)  friends who help drag homeless drunk people and their belongings out of the street while everyone else drives by, narrowly missing his legs (thank you, Catherine–you’re an Earth Angel).

23. For the kid ahead of me in line who didn’t have enough money to pay for his Subway Sandwich.

Love shares, knowing there is always enough.  God bless the people in line who offered to contribute.

24. For One Way Streets…or rather, for the fact that I have survived going the wrong way on these streets more times than I can count.

I guess what I’m really grateful for here is my survival…

25. For safe travels…I’ve done a lot of traveling during the past 12 days, and I’m grateful to be home, safe and sound.

For Sunday Mornings

26.  The Quiet

27. The snoring dog at my feet as I type

28. The scent of fresh cinnamon rolls

29. The coupons that wait patiently in the center of the LA Times

30. Hot tea with Honey and Mint Sprigs from my garden

31. Mismatched Fuzzy Socks

32. The hummingbird who stares through the kitchen window…what is he looking for exactly?

33. Free time to meditate, engage in pilates, and open my heart space

For Sunday Plans, loosely unstructured–

34. Bike Rides to the park

35. Sidewalk Chalk

36. Thank You Notes

37. A visit to our Monkey at the Moorpark Zoo

38. Raspberry Frozen Yogurts

39. Time to gather clothing donations for Tuesdays pick-up

40. For the fact that I love my life the way I do–I see any plans, no plans at all, and the plans the fall in mid-flight, all as blessings.

41. For my personal Truth, Beliefs and Feelings, and for the freedom to respectfully share them without consequence in the United States of America.

Newt Gingrich frightens me.  I realize he has a purpose–we all do–

but still, he scares me a little.

A man who believes that our countries poorest children should be mopping our floors, is likely a man who should be…mopping our floors.

K, I feel better now.

42. For Women who bend the rules a little in the name of greater good.

It’s been said that no well-behaved woman has ever made history.

43.  For how good this feels…

44. For the dedicated and unparalleled educators and faculty members of the LAUSD.

Let us honor those who teach to serve the children and the world.

45. For free-will.

When you hear bad news (and there’s plenty of it floating around these days within the sound bytes of life), don’t ask “God, why?”; instead ask, “God, how can I contribute to the solution?”
You’re here on purpose, there are no mistakes, and it’s all unfolding in divine order. Please do not look away–instead, look within.

Please, please, do not play small.

46. For gratitude in and of itself

47. For the healing effect this soul food called “Gratitude” has on my life

48. For the blessings that roll through me as naturally as breathing

49. For the ability to express myself in words, so that I might never burst…

50. For the 50th Day of the Year–so far, I am LOVING 2012!

60 blessings today–we’re nearly through, yet I could go on and on.

For what we must always remember:

51. Our potential is limitless.

52. All things are possible with Love.

53. We were created to shift the world..each of us, in our own magnificent way.

54. We were created to raise our voice, and the vibration of humanity.  There is no mistake that you or I are here right now.

55. The answers are inside you–all of them.  The hardest part about that is being quiet long enough to listen…but it’s worth shutting up for.

56. We are each one whole part of a bigger whole.

57. We were each created for greatness–each meant to contribute something, or some things, that no one else on earth could possible offer.

I swear…

58.  To forgive is to set yourself FREE–love yourself enough.

59. We are each perfect, just the way we are.

60. There is no more powerful way to shift your perspective, and your life, than to count your blessings.

What are you grateful for today?


Day 9 ~ Miracles and Messengers

10 Jan

I met a baby today named Sarah. She was tiny, and precious, and dressed in white jammies with pink hearts, and had the most perfect little face and fuzzy ‘hair-do’…

Sarah was 3 months old, and  weighed just 7 lbs; she also had Downs Syndrome, and a hole in her heart.

Sarahs mother told me, joyfully, with a smile on her face, “Sarah is a miracle–she’s is the one who introduced me to God.”

(Sometimes, messengers come disguised as babies in white jammies with pink hearts all over…I love that.)


Blessings for Today ~ Day 9

1. For Babies.  I simply adore them.  Tiny hands, toothless grins, fuzzy hair-do’s…babies are such blessings.

2. For Frozen Yogurt–YUM!  Raspberry and Chocolate, side-by-side.

(Ever since I watched that little girl sneeze, TWICE, into the self-serve topping bar, I’ve opted for plain yogurt.  I should actually be grateful that she did that–she’s saved me scores of calories!)

3. For Martinellis Sparkling Apple Cider out of wine glasses, pizza on Fine China, and self created reasons to celebrate.

4. For Answers– and for the divine order in which they reveal themselves.

5. For Miracles, and Messengers.
What are you grateful for today?  Who touched your life, moved your soul, lit your fire, etched your memory, inspired your spirit, reminded your heart?

Count your blessings~they’re everywhere.




Day 6 ~ Love him anway…(It’ll serve him right.)

7 Jan

It seemed every time I turned around today, someone was teaching me, inspiring me, or reminding me. This was a fabulous day~

Blessings and Gratitude for Today, Day 6

  1. Love Heals and Collaboration IS the way! I’m grateful for those who speak up on behalf of the voiceless, rally light to darkness, and who literally ARE the change they wish to see in the world.

I love those people.

My friend Melinda took to her social network today in support of my call for Empty Baby Food Jars –525 of them: Read more about it here:


I think we’re gonna make it! We need a lot of jars, yes—but we’ve got a LOT of help!

And my friend Stephanie has been on a mission all day collecting blankets for the animal shelter in Delano, where just 10% of the dogs and cats have a blanket in their kennel—the other 90%, sleep on cold concrete.

Stephanie heard this, and heard the calling—as of tomorrow, every animal there will have comfort bedding. She Rallied the troops, also took to social media, and made enough noise to bring Love and comfort to an entire animal shelter. She attracted the like-minded and like-hearted and accomplished something HUGE.

(I’m also grateful to have been able to contribute to the offering in Barleys honor.)

2. For business owners who make service a pillar in their business structure. The Mint Fashion Exchange in Simi Valley, Ca. was a site host today for blanket donations for the animals. Thank you store owner, Marie Herring, for your generosity of Spirit! (Plus, I LOVE this place—Love, Love, Love this place. So chic, so classy, so unique, and SO AFFORDABLE!)

3. For the neighbor, who really doesn’t like me—at all. I don’t know why, and I’m finally learning that—gosh—I just don’t CARE why! I’m going to love him anyway.

It’ll serve him right.

4. For organic, home-grown, heirloom tomatoes—with mint springs, and a splash of vinaigrette—so delicious, so healthy, so fresh, and I’m so proud!

5. For YOU. I’m grateful for you. For the blessings and blogs you share, for your feedback and support on Facebook, for your inspiration, notes and Love ~ Thank you for joining me on this journey to Self Inspired Joy. I am so grateful for you.

Count your blessings!

And thank you for being one of mine.

Day 4 ~ (Warning: May Become Habit Forming.)

4 Jan

Have you been playing along?  Have you been taking time for your Self each day to reflect through the lens of gratitude, and acknowledge just 5 reasons to feel grateful?  If you’ve joined in, then you might already be feeling a shift.  Are you finding that you’re turning your minds “eye” to seek the good, the gifts and the positive experiences?   The blessings really are everywhere, aren’t they?

The act of acknowledging our gifts and “giving conscious thanks” feeds our sprit and nourishes our soul, empowering our mind, and opening our heart to even more of all there is to be grateful for.  It’s magical, and exciting and…habit forming!

TIP: Keep a pen and small notebook with you at all times.  For one full day, write down EVERYTHING you are grateful for in that one day—everything.  Fill that notebook up with all things big and small, from the beauty and wonder you observe in others, to the experiences, moments, quotes, conversations, friends and community who make your life what it is, moment by moment.
WAKE UP!  You are abundantly blessed—and loved beyond measure.


Gratitude for today, Day 4~

1. Fuzzy Socks.

(Hey, sometimes it’s the small stuff…)

2. Empty baby food jars continue to trickle into our office, and I am SO grateful!

(We need 525 empty baby food jars by Feb 5th.  I’ll be reading my best-selling children’s book, “What Love Is A-Z” and leading grades 1-3 through an art experience called “The Love Jar Project”, which promotes Healthy Self Concept and Self Esteem. I’ll be joined by a plethora of volunteers and the good people of Reading Is Fundamental of So. Ca.)

For more info, read the press release:


Again, there are 525 studentsGot Jars?

3. For healthy conversations and fresh perspective, I give almighty thanks.  Here is a brief excerpt of a conversation I had earlier today with a well respected business leader, and long time friend:

Friend: “Would you take all the skills you’ve learned, along with the time, energy, and resources it took to acquire that knowledge, and sell it all for 1 million dollars? 

 Me: No way—

Friend: “Well, there you go—remember your value.”

(…think about that.)

4.       Blue skies, a mild breeze, and live music at the outdoor farmers market—in January.

5.       And for the Quote of the day:

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”  -Albert Schweitzer


What are YOU grateful for today?  Share it—be the one to light the flame within another.

Remember, YOU are the gift!

Day 3 ~ From Rain Comes Flowers

4 Jan

There’s been an open space in my life since Nana left us just over a year ago.  A void that simply cannot be filled, and an irreplaceable familiarity that aches no matter how much time passes.  Without her, life just isn’t the same.

I miss her every day.

We used to grocery shop together on Fridays.  Now, when I’m at the market, I find myself striking up conversation with elderly folks I come across in the isles, almost desperate for the connection to the wisdom and energy of a warm and knowing soul…

Delores is 87 years old.  I met her earlier this afternoon on isle 3, and by isle 11, I knew all about her children, her 21 grandchildren, and the husband who had once been the comedian in the family, but who now lived in a home for Alzheimer patients.

She even shared her age old family recipe for perfect apple cobbler…

She said, “I haven’t had someone to shop with in a very long time–what fun this was!  I hope I see you here again someday.”

Yes, someday–that would be nice.

BUT, even if someday never comes, our time together today was pretty spectacular…

A true gift for the both of us.

I am grateful for–

1. Delores–I made a wish, and all 80 lbs. of her came true.

2. The ability to Love and Be Loved–it sounds so simple, but there was a time in my life when I would never have opened myself up to the heart of a stranger that way.

3. Elli’s Blessings Blog:


And all others who are joining me on this 365 day journey into the heart of a grateful and abundant life!

Thank you for sharing your blessings and light~

4. To know with complete certainly that it’s all happening FOR us…not to us.

5. Unity.  Alone, we shine, no doubt–but together, we really do illuminate the possibilities.

What are you grateful for today?

Invite JOY into your life ~ Count your blessings!

Day 1 ~ Every Journey Begins with a Single Step

1 Jan

No matter the date, Today is the first day of the rest of your life. 

“It isn’t the experience of TODAY that drives men mad…it’s the remorse of what happened Yesterday, and the Fear of what Tomorrow might bring.”

Roger Jones Burdette, “The Golden Day”

Last year, I wrote a book I never planned to publish.  It’s a Gratitude Journal, and actually, it’s one of many in a series. ..

Year after year, I count my blessings, via pen and paper in an old fashioned journal filled with blank pages.  I begin on the first day of the year, and embrace the dawn of Jan 1 with anticipation, excitement and abundant gratitude for all that I know is in store, and for the blessings of yesterday, which have perfectly and divinely prepared me for where I am TODAY.

(It’s like, a daily “Thank You” note to God…)

By the end of every year, I have consciously acknowledged 1,825 reasons to celebrate Life ~and every year, I am more grateful to be alive than I was the year before.  From my children, to my work, from vacations, to blessings disguised as obstacles, it’s all there–some days it’s easier than other days, and some days, there are too many blessings for me to count without getting writers cramp.   The entire experience, in and of itself, is a GIFT!

This year, I invite you to join me.  Whether in a blog, or within the sacred pages of a private journal, give yourself the gift of JOY this year~

Count your blessings!

What are you grateful for today?

Feel the shift, open your heart, embrace Joy… just because you can!


I am grateful~

1.  To be moving into a new year, rich with possibility.

2. For an early morning bike ride to the park with my 7 year old Sprout guy–for the feeling of his little hands on my back as he pushed me on the swings.

3. To not understand–there are some things I’d just rather not wrap my tender heart around.   Sometimes, the only logical explanation, is that there simply is no logical explanation.

4. For dreams–AKA: Gentle reminders of what’s possible.

5. For Simple Peanut Butter Cookies:

1 Cup Peanut Butter, 1 Cup Sugar, 1 tsp Vanilla, 1 Egg.

Mix well.

Roll into 1 inch balls, and place 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet.

Gently flatten peanut butter balls with a fork to form a cookie.

Bake for 12-15 minutes.

Whole-heartedly EnJoy.


What are you grateful for Today?

Count your blessings ~ And, HAPPY NEW YEAR!




The Gratitude Garden

1 Jan

“The only way to grow a garden, is to plant seeds.  To live an abundant life, plant seeds of gratitude–count your blessings!  It’s free, and they’re absolutely everywhere.” Elle Febbo

There is no faster way to shift your perspective than to count your blessings, and turn your focus to the goodness of life, and there is no more powerful way to make a lasting positive impact on your life, and in the lives of those around you, than to consciously and cognitively give thanks each day for the gifts bestowed upon you, no matter how big or small. 

It’s magical.

I’ve kept a Gratitude Journal for years.  I recount 5 blessings at the end of each day, and write them down in my journal, in a list of sorts; sometimes the blessing is a whole story, rich with detail and recall, and other times, just a simple sentence or two, (or even sometimes just one word).  I don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or what anyone else might think, although I typically keep them to myself…

This year though, I invite you to take the journey with me as I share the blessings from my daily life, and celebrate the moments that make it all worth while…

Please, count your blessings in a notebook, on your computer, or in a blog of your own, and grow a garden of gratitude this 2012!

Wishing you more blessings than you’ve got time to count,




For more information about the author, visit http://www.ellefebbo.com.